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about company is a private online cryptocurrency investment company that has been legally registered in United Kingdom in 2016. Our company Reg. number is 09975305. Previously several years we provided lucrative investment services to private clients and have honed our knowledge of how to do business with a small attracted capital. Within that period we have formed our own trading strategy in different markets with the elements of high financial security. The main goal of our work is the safety of funds, and only the following our task is to make high profits.

BitCoin was made in 2009 as an unknown and secure method for trading cash on the web. It is an electronic cash that is totally decentralized - it isn't supported by a legislature or other focal power – and is stamped and traded completely inside of a monstrous system of clients. Anybody with a web association can send and get Bitcoins straightforwardly and secretly with no exchange charges. New Bitcoins are made with profoundly time-serious PC based calculations which confine the rate at which they enter the business sector. The aggregate sum of Bitcoins that will ever be issued is 21 million – making it a limited item like gold or oil. As an aftereffect of its creative structure and the buildup encompassing it, Bitcoin is to a great degree unstable, making it an astounding money to add to your portfolio.


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